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Welcome! Բարի Եկաք

Welcome! Բարի Եկաք

Welcome! Բարի ԵկաքWelcome! Բարի ԵկաքWelcome! Բարի Եկաք

St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church was founded in 2005 and is located in South Charlotte, NC on 7000 Park Rd. 

Announcements & Upcoming Events

St. Sarkis Day Celebration


St. Sarkis was a General in Chief of the Roman Army stationed in Cappadocia who was eventually martyred with his son Mardiros and his 14 companions for not only refusing to worship the idols of Sassanid Persia, but destroying the idols of the emperor's court. 

Join us this weekend as we welcome Bishop Daniel Findikyan, and celebrate the feast day of our church's namesake, St. Sarkis:

Saturday, February 8, 1:00PM - Meet and Greet reception with Bishop Daniel for the entire community. Hosted by the ACYOA.

Sunday, February 9th, 0:30AM - Divine Liturgy (Badarak) and a luncheon with our Primate, Bishop Daniel Findikian, who will be visiting us in celebration of our great martyr St. Sarkis and our church name day.  

Visit us or join us for liturgy!

Feel free to stop by during the week to meet with our pastor, 

or join us Sunday mornings for Divine Liturgy.

Morning Service    -  10:00am

Divine Liturgy         -  10:30am

St. Sarkis Armenian Apostlic Church

7000 Park Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28210, United States

(704) 556-7575

Church Office Hours


By Appointment


09:00 am – 03:00 pm


09:00 am – 03:00 pm


09:00 am – 03:00 pm


09:00 am – 03:00 pm


By Appointment


By Appointment

If you would like to meet with the priest, it is recommended that you call first to confirm availability. Outside of these hours, please call the office to arrange for an appointment. 

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