Armenian Church Youth Organization of America

2019 Executive Committee

Chair - Ani  Mnatsakanyan

Vice Chair - Elen Balasanyan

Treasurer - Anna Ayvazyan

Secretary - Melanie Bedrosian

The Armenian Church Youth Organization of America (ACYOA) is the national youth program of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. 

The ACYOA has a unique strength in providing its members with a an opportunity to grow in their faith on many levels. There is a direct and powerful effort by the organization to educate its members about the Armenian Church and our faith, through a wide range of tools and resources and many of our events and activities. 

In addition to this very successful direct effort, we have collaborated with other organizations and give our members the opportunity to explore the vast resources available to them in developing their maturity and richness in their lives through their faith, their church and their heritage. The ACYOA sees our faith as being the single most important aspect of who we are as Armenians, and who we live our lives as such. 

Our connection to the Armenian Church brings clarity and purpose to the lives of our members as Armenian Americans. We consider ourselves a direct conduit in many ways to developing Armenian youth into active participants in the Armenian Church as Sunday school teachers, choir members, altar servers, and Clergy. Our record and reputation in this regard is outstanding and second to none among Armenian youth organization in America.